About Nguriza Nshore

Who We Are

Rwanda Nguriza Nshore is a five-year, $14.9 million program funded by Feed the Future through USAID that will drive the growth of small and medium enterprises in Rwanda and create non-farm jobs for rural Rwandans. To foster growth in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Rwanda, Nguriza Nshore will work with three complimentary players in the market ecosystem – financial institutions – banks and non-banks, SMEs, and the Government of Rwanda. Partnering with the private and public sectors, Nguriza Nshore will facilitate $15 million in debt, $30 million in equity and foster the creation of 30,000 new jobs over its five-year lifespan (2018-2023).

What We Do

Nguriza Nshore is designed to crowd-in finance (debt and equity) for SMEs that are not yet realizing the benefits of Rwanda’s strong economic performance, further contributing to the country’s GDP expansion and fueling non-farm rural employment for the next generation. By working with financial institutions, investors, local businesses, transaction advisors and a variety of government ministries and initiatives, Nguriza Nshore will serve as the facilitative catalyst that strengthens and improves existing and emerging public-private platforms that support investment from local, regional and international sources leading to a more efficient finance and investment ecosystem. Nguriza Nshore will apply a gender, youth, and disabilities lens to expand finance and investment by working to remove constraints that hamper those population’s access to finance and improve their employment prospects.

Nguriza Nshore distills its core activities throughout the project’s three components.

  • Component I: Improve the capacity of FIs—banks and non-banks—to lend to SMEs.
  • Component 2: Increase private and commercial investment in SMEs in order to become investment ready.
  • Component 3: Strengthen the enabling environment to create the conditions for SMEs to increase business performance and profitability.

The project’s high-level targets include:

Increase local lending for off-farm SMEs by $15 million, increase investments in off-farm SMEs by $30 million and support policies that enhance SME access to finance.
Create 30,000 non-farm jobs, particularly in agro-processing and agribusiness sectors and support policies that promote SME job growth, access to high-quality management consulting and inclusive financing.

Rwanda Nguriza Nshore will follow a standard process – a tried and proven process used in similar USAID-funded projects in East Africa – from partner sourcing and selection to deal making and policy implementation. This standardized process will ensure compliance with USAID policies and transparency in equal access to the project services. Nguriza Nshore has a clear criteria for selection of financial institution, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and government partners, which is outlined in this ‘Process and Flow Chart’. Nguriza Nshore will apply a cross-cutting gender and social inclusion lens to all steps. This graphic depicts the process and explains in further detail the flow of Nguriza Nshore activities across all three components.

Where We Work

Nguriza Nshore’s geographic focus prioritizes the 13 districts of the new Feed-the-Future (FTF) zones of influence. However, leveraging economies-of-scale in urban and peri-urban locations, Nguriza Nshore will support interventions outside of these priority areas.