USAID Bureau for Food Security Deputy Administrator visits GET IT

Usaid Bureau For Food Security Deputy Administrator Visits Get It

On September 10, 2018 Nguriza Nshore hosted the first official USAID visit. Sean Jones, Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator in USAID’s Bureau for Food Security, and other USAID Rwanda Economic Growth Office officials visited GET IT, a leader in transforming food procurement and distribution in East Africa. GET IT is the largest distributor of fresh produce in Rwanda, with 70 employees, serving the majority of major hotels and restaurants in the country. The company secured 100,000 USD of investment through Nguriza Nshore partner BiD Network and will continue to work with Nguriza Nshore to secure 500,000 USD more. Lauren Nkuranga, CEO and Founder of GET IT, explained the business model, key challenges, and outlined how GET IT is working toward food security in Rwanda. The visitors toured the GET IT dry warehouse and one-of-a-kind off grid storage facility to see the fresh produce sorting, washing, storage and shipment process.

To learn more about GET IT’s investment journey,read this article on our partner’s website.